Week 26 reflections

This post is where I reflect on posting once a week for @52blogs. I have not blogged every week but I have certainly tried and I have indeed caught up since beginning the blog every day of June challenge.

The 52 posts challenge is a nice easy challenge compared to blogging every day and even though I have lapsed now and again, it has been inspiring to get a topic each week to write to. It makes me think about how to write to the theme based on my week’s experience or if I’m feeling creative then how to write to the theme based on my imagination. To do either requires that I switch off from my daily routine and focus all my thoughts on writing a post.

Some posts have been weak or short or both and I’m not “bovered” really :) as that’s how I was feeling at the time. I usually do not have spare time to write during the day so when I write my posts, it is usually quite late in the evening and at that stage of the game, rest assured that my head is at a brain fart level.

I never take the time to read through old posts and I am thinking that I will do so at the end of each year. I would like to read back and see which posts stand out to me and which ones I cringe at due to being so tired that I just typed some words as fast as I can just to get through my challenges. Life will get along just fine without me blogging but I enjoy putting some of my thoughts in this blog as it’s a fun hobby that I would love my kids to read one day to see that we all have our good days, our off days, our days where we write like geniuses and our days where we can’t even write more than one silly sentence. Who cares? I am not a professional writer, I just enjoy writing.

This post for some reason just reminded me of a typewriter – I used to love using my mum’s old typewriter:



What is your favourite spoon to eat dessert with?

Unmatched spoons

I am not sure why but I like to use a teaspoon to eat my desserts. It isn’t about taking small bites instead I think I am just trying to make the dessert last longer by using a smaller spoon :) Everyone has their little quirks and this is one of mine.


I love a multicultural society and I love the way we reflect multiculturalism so well sometimes. I turned up for Miss7′s dance class the other day and I sat on the couch in between two other mums. I was speaking french to my little miss while the mum on my left was speaking Spanish to her daughter and the mum on to my right was speaking Italian to hers. At one stage we all froze and exchanged knowing looks and smiled.

Each of us mums have an accent – me not so much compared to the other two as I have been here the longest but it is just beautiful to see our daughters speak English without any accent at all and yet be able to also speak a second language fluently and beautifully.

Growing up in high school, my group of friends consisted of one Ethiopian, one Spanish, one mixed salad of Malaysian,Russian and Australian, one Polish and one Mauritian. We are still all friends and I think what we still appreciate most from each other is the food we used to have at each other’s houses. You always want what you don’t have :)

Watching Eurovision is another demonstration of our multicultural world – it made me realise just how many countries I haven’t seen and a few I never knew existed. I went out to dinner with some friends last week and we took a group photo and when I looked back on it later, I was thrilled to notice such a diverse group of girls ranging from different ages to different backgrounds who still managed to find similarities and form some great friendships.

I feel so completely lucky to live here!


Had the luxury of attending a special make up event. A friend invited me and we weren’t quite sure what to expect as we hadn’t been to one before. We had imagined an hour of demonstration followed by a half hour or pushy sales? We could not have been more wrong. We arrived and there was a barrista to serve you coffee on arrival with beautiful flourless orange cake. Then on another table there were little sandwiches and a few other hors d’oeuvres with champagne, bottled water and cupcakes etc … the choice was endless and you could help yourself as often as you wanted.

The demonstration was quite interactive so even though it lasted about 2 hours, it only felt like a half hour. During the demo, you could ask questions of other staff walking around or try different shades of whatever you wanted. You could then put your name down on the list for a makeover. We thought: what the hell! Let’s treat ourselves! Unfortunately it was going to take quite a while as we were numbers 9 and 10 on the list and each person’s makeover would take about half an hour. We made the most of our time available and went for a shop and lunch before returning for our make up session.

It still amazes me how applying make up is such an art and still can change so much in just a few years. I learnt quite a few very useful tips especially on everyday natural make up and if you are short on time, how to convert it into evening make up very quickly. These days I need as many tips and tricks on how to save time!

Anyway here was the result of the makeover which I was quite content with. A little heavier than what I normally do … but I scored lots of free stuff with no obligations to purchase and no pushy sales staff too. Yes I bought something :D


High tea

Once a upon a time there were four ladies ranging from their 20s to their 60s who worked together and formed some great friendships and shared a love of high teas. One of the friends hosted a high tea at her house one very nice lazy sunny sunday afternoon. Stepping into her home, you feel like you have entered another era – the floorboards, the decor, the curtains, the cushions everything was matching and beautiful like I was in a 1950s home. We were all dressed in our best sunday afternoon outfits and enjoyed some great laughs while sipping beautful tea and eating our cucumber sandwiches in our English tea sets. What stood out amongst all this were the Bose speakers LOL It was like stepping into Mad Men.


Seafood platter

seafood platter

For seafood lovers there is something quite special about a huge seafood platter being presented before you to share with one of your favourite people. I much prefer grilled seafood platters but you don’t always get a choice. Anyway I was recently treated to the seafood platter above which was accompanied by two cocktails and a bottle of wine for a very affordable price. The cocktails could not really be defined as such – more like tangy lolly drinks with some ice and a touch of alcohol but nonetheless free. My dinner partner was a fantastic person to share a platter with as we like similar things but also we complement each other well. For instance, he had the oysters kilpatrick while I had all the freshly shucked oysters. Dinner friend and I devoured the chilli mussels but I have to say his chilli mussels are way way way better. Hmm must suggest dinner at said friend’s place very very soon :D


I’m finally getting an opportunity to catch up on some June posts yay!
This post is about my love for Affogato desserts. It’s the perfect dessert especially for lovers of coffee and it is also the perfect dessert after a big meal as it’s fairly light if you have it on its own. It all depends on the restaurant on what type of affogato you get. Some prefer to serve vanilla ice cream, shot of espresso and a liqueur or some sort like baileys or kahlua or frangelico. Some serve it with hazelnut ice cream and a shot of espresso and after recently tasting this mix, I would have to say it is my favourite.

My only problem with these desserts is that they are too rich for an after lunch dessert and for an after dinner dessert, they have way too much caffeine. The last time I had one I ended up staying up most of the night and falling asleep around 4.30 am when I was due to get up at 6am. Maybe the best of both worlds would be to have a decaf one :)

Anyway here’s a good Affogato Recipe


When I first saw this blog post theme on @52blogs twitter feed, I could only think of twitter’s 140 characters – again due to time constraints, I basically allowed time to lapse and just now I had a light bulb moment: AHA Jamie’s Italian is at 140 William St on the ground level.

This is me attacking Jamie’s Italian Meatball

This restaurant really made me feel like I was in Italy – the portions and the atmosphere felt homely.

How can anyone resist these polenta chips?

The advantage in ordering the cured meats is that you pretty much get served straight away and considering we didn’t order until 9pm and we were all famished, this was a real treat.

This dessert tastes amazing and this photo definitely doesn’t do it justice! Poached fruit with vanilla ice cream and honeycomb


What is your ideal Saturday morning?

My ideal Saturday morning changes as it all depends on previous plans made and also the kind of week I have had. After this past week all I wanted to do was go to bed and have at least 12 hours of sleep and do absolutely nothing. Went to bed at 9.30pm last night and woke up at 7.30am, had breakfast in bed – toasted bagel with two poached eggs accompanied by a gorgeous cup of hot tea while watching my favourite cooking shows surrounded by my family. I did some work and then slept for another 3 hours. Just what the Dr ordered. I now feel relaxed, refreshed and ready to face the rest of the day.

I feel on top of the world! And this is the only photo I could find to represent that!


I have acquired a work of art for my office and I am so thrilled. It does not belong to me but I get to see it everyday and that’s all that matters. I get to admire something beautiful and inspirational any time I like. In the photo it looks like I am leaning on it but I’m not. I have too much respect and admiration for this painting. I am far from being an art connaisseur but I know what I like and I know what makes me happy. There’s something about it that induces thought especially the creative type which I do not do enough of.